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Join the reusable movement!

Packaging (h)as a value



Reuse is the new kid on the block to save our planet and make a difference.

YourGreenKit is a Luxembourg-based company, born as a Global Shapers initiative, reducing single-use plastic within the food delivery and take-away services. Having solidified through an initiative of the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and LuxInnovation via the Circular By Design Challenge, we offer sustainable packaging-as-a-service. YourGreenBox and YourGreenCup work on a yearly subscription basis: after each use you can easily return your products to a partnering institution and collect incentive points to get reductions at your favourite restaurant or coffee shop! Using reusable alternatives to create a positive carbon footprint has never been easier. 

Sign up, return your products, collect points and get benefits. What are you waiting for?


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