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Zero-waste circular system promoting a sustainable lifestyle

Relying on a circular system, YourGreenKit products help the restaurant and food sectors to reduce plastic-waste and drive people to a more responsible consumption


User-friendly and appealing design

YourGreenKit takes into account both the needs and preference of the users and customers and the  product safety for the design of its products


Local partnerships and national identity

The circular system involves a number of local partners, enhancing mutual benefits and local social and environmental impact.


Long-lasting material which can be easily reshaped


YourGreenKit takes into consideration the whole life cycle of its products. As such the material used is long-lasting and can be reshaped into new objects for future use


Technological support 

The circularity of the system will be guaranteed by the YourGreenKit App which, relying on a QR code system, will track the products ensuring that they constantly return into the system


Easily measurable impact

The use of the YourGreenApp together with the delivery platform allows easy data collection linked to the circular system and to quantifying the benefits deriving from the system


Incentives for free meals/drinks

YourGreenKit offers users the opportunity to accumulate points upon box and cup return, which can be exchanged for discounts on meals and drinks


Savings due lower packaging costs

Restaurants and bars will experience a significant reduction in costs linked to the packaging given the elimination of single-use boxes and cups

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