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Insightful reporting

We deliver a regular report on how well our service is working for the user and how many single use products are replaced weekly. Data visibility through unique product traceability

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Unique QR code

Unique QR tracking code paired with user ID making sure no box or cup is ever lost in our system.


Reusable packaging

By tracking asset usage, YourGreenKit products never end up in landfill, but are collected and upcycled into new products at the end of life

YourGreenKit App, coming soon

  1. Download our free app

  2. Create your account and select your preferred subscription

  3. Order food or pick up your favourite coffee, entering your personal ID

  4. Scan the product QR code with your personal ID in-app when you receive food/coffee

  5. Return the box to a partner or to a collection point

  6. Scan your product, confirm your ID

  7. Collect incentive points

  8. Get reductions at partnering restaurants/ coffee shops

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Profile (1).png
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*for illustration purposes only

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